How To Use The Web To Locate A Handyman - By: Andrew Stratton

Consumers use websites to review business and services before they hire a contractor. Hiring a handyman can be especially difficult since handymen are not contractors and are excluded from the rules and regulations that regulate contractors and protect consumers.

While some handyman are retired contractors who use their high degree of skills and training to keep busy in semi retirement and strive to maintain a professionally run business that keeps customers satisfied just as they did when they worked under a regulating board, other handymen may be less qualified or even just scam artist looking for an opportunity to commit consumer fraud and have no such ethical boundaries to keep themselves in check.

Handymen often take on the smaller jobs that don't necessarily require the skill set of a contractor or the big work crew of a construction company, doing small honey do's such as replacing a front door or fixing a broken window.

Most of the time handymen performing these small jobs are fine but some jobs can require electrical, HVAC or new construction work to be done and unless the job goes over $20,000 the handyman can do these jobs without a license which means up to a certain dollar amount a handyman is working without any oversight to ensure his skill level is up to par.

There are many websites that provide consumers with an excellent way to save time in the search for the competent services of a skilled handyman while at the same time it helps savvy customers in avoiding the potential pitfalls of an incompetent handyman or scam artist.

With a large number of contractors listed in various websites now, it is easy for consumers to review the ratings of them and find one who rates highly with consumer recommended in any geographical area.

Ratings by members are posted with a grade of A to F and no anonymous reviews are allowed, which helps maintain the integrity of the list. Furthermore, there are sites that will stand up for customers who use a high rated business and are dissatisfied with the work by acting as a mediator to have the job done to consumer satisfaction.

Legitimate handymen are motivated to work with the resolution team since it the only way to remove a negative posted review which can impact not only their overall rating score but also their business bottom line. Let's face it most consumers will read and question one bad review even if it is surrounded by a hundred positive reviews so the impact of just one consumer voice can be very strong.

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