Bad Credit Leads To A Bad Marriage - By: Margaret James

One of the worst possible things for me, like many other people, was being forced to get a divorce. My husband and I hadn't been getting along for quite some time, and one of the main reasons why was always our credit situation.

I married someone who had excellent credit, and I had two bankruptcies on my credit record before we even started dating one another. This was always a major issue for him, and it affected our relationship pre-much the entire time we were together.

At first, we were really in love and he acted like everything was great and he didn't care about the credit issues I have in the past, but when it came to things like buying a house together and sharing our credit while we were married, he made things really difficult for me.

I can tell you without a doubt that if your husband has problems with your credit score and the fact that you need to work on fixing your credit before you're even married, things are going to get any better during the marriage. Marriage is a serious commitment, and you will end up lending your finances, using the same bank account, and intermingling so many different aspects of your life that your financial difficulties will become your spouses at some point.

I understand that my past mistakes should never of reflected on my husband, but I really need to be in a relationship with someone who can let me manage my own affairs, fix my own problems, and not come down on me for my past mistakes. Plenty of people are looking to fix their credit after making credit mistakes as a young person, and there's nothing wrong with taking the high road and loving someone for who they are inside and not their financial problems.

My husband and I split our estate and work everything out, and I'm happy to say that I am dating a wonderful person who manages their own finances and allows me to manage mine. If he and I ever wed, I'm definitely not going to put him in the situation of dealing with my finances or previous bankruptcies. I'm trying everything possible to restore my credit and to allow my past financial mistakes to be in the past without affecting the present.

Marriage is already difficult without worrying about what your spouses buying, how much money they're making, or credit mistakes they've made in the past. Make sure that if you even suspect your credit or financial situation will be an issue for your spouse, you work those things out before you ever get married. Don't get lost in the honeymoon phase, and don't get lost in planning for a wedding that will serve a marriage that isn't going to be everlasting or beneficial to you at the end of the day.

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