The Breathalyzer Can Help Save People's Lives - By: Christine Harrell

Breath alcohol analyzers are a great tool that have a great many uses. They have saved lives and provided hours of entertainment for millions of people all over the world. In order to understand why the breath alcohol analyzer is so important and useful, it is first important to understand what it is and why it works.

An alcohol breathalyzer works by analyzing the amount of alcohol present in a person's breath. They will need to place their mouth firmly around a mouthpiece and then blow strongly into it. After a few seconds, the device will display an estimated percentage of alcohol that is currently in the person's blood.

This device has been particularly important for law enforcement officers whose job it is to keep the road safe from impaired drivers. When a police officer suspects that a driver is putting other people's lives at risk by driving impaired, he will often pull the driver over to the side of the road and perform a sobriety test. Prior to the invention of the breath alcohol analyzer, the police officer had to rely on other less accurate methods. For example, he might ask the driver to walk a straight line or to follow the officer's finger with his eyes. With a breath alcohol analyzer, the law enforcement officer no longer needs to rely on guesswork; he can get a fast and accurate reading. If it is determined that the driver is indeed impaired, then he can be taken safely off the road.

Although the most prevalent use of these devices is among police officers, they can also be quite useful for private individuals, restaurants and bars, and social organizations. If a person has had a few drinks, he may be unsure about whether or not he is fit to drive. The blood alcohol limit in most states is .08%, so the individual may wish to determine whether he is under the legal limit before he gets behind the wheel of his car. This preventative measure has two major benefits. In the first place, it can protect the driver and his fellow citizens by keeping him off the road if it is determined that he has had too much to drink. In the second place, if he passes his own breathalyzer test, then he should pass one administered by a law enforcement officer a bit later in case he is pulled over.

Given all the benefits of these breath analyzer tests, everyone ought to be grateful for their existence. There can be no doubt that they have made the world a safer place.

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