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Getting The Most Mileage Out Of Your Auto

Author : Sangeeta Dhar

Submitted : 2010-10-23 07:33:10    Word Count : 1020    Popularity:   9

Tags:   Buy New Cars, Best Deal on New Cars, Buy Used Cars, Sell Used Cars, Carbiz

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Typically automobile owners become scared when a auto's mileometer would cross 100,000 kilometers. But thanks to advancements in car design, engine design & upkeep, the milestone of 100,000 kms now means something vastly different than what it did, barely a few years back. Even though some motors are ready for trade-in at that threshold, a lot of others can deliver excellent service to their owners for twice that mileage with no major repairs

What enables one automobile to surpass the 100,000 kilometer threshold with a small number of repair expenses, while another is standing by for the scrap yard?

Well the first is that one shun taking the shortcut to maintaining your car. Steer clear of putting off something till you dont have an alternative any more. Feed your auto with the right stuff & take it for frequent checkups. This will make all the difference

Keep track of your vehicle's service guidebook. Open the Book: The answer to keeping one's automobile running smoothly is perhaps tucked at the bottom of your glove compartment, if its not already lost or misplaced. The owner's instruction manual, is a book that the majority people pay no attention to at their peril. The owners instruction manual also called the service handbook consists of a schedule of services to be undertaken, that runs well past the 100,000 kilometer mark & it lists at what time to change parts that are prone to be at the end of their service life. The list will obviously be different for different vehicles, so check yours today and abide by religously

Some things like the water pump or the timing belt ought to be changed when advised by the automobile manufacturer & not after you become aware of a problem or worse when they breakdown or fall apart. Their separate expenses are no big deal but the havoc they wreck on your auto if they stop working is way too expensive; And this is where ninety nine of 100 of us go wide of the mark. Replacing such things isn't very dear, however if that belt breaks, it can trigger internal damage to the engine, or if the water pump fails, one can overheat the engine & warp the cylinder head. That's when issues become truly steep. So like I said, donot take the short cut & donot put off issues till you donot have an option anymore

The other thing you need to make sure of is to get familiar with the fluids that go into the auto ; and I donot mean petrol or diesel: The liquids that go into one's car consist of amongst other things engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission oil, engine coolants, wiper wash fluid amongst others and all of these are important to the vehicle's longetivity. To extend the life of your car past 100,000 kilometers, these professionals suggest regular lube oil changes & fluid checks done at car dealers or full-service vehicle workshops. The team at a quick-change lube shop is not likely to have wide-ranging training or information. Often, they do not have knowledge, so they'll top off using a long-life fluid with a non-long-life or they will put power-steering fluid where the brake fluid ought to be. These blunders cause damage, but the automobile owner does not comprehend it until well after the cut rate oil-change was done or worse as soon as something falls apart

In deciding on oil, buy full synthetics as it in reality will lubricate the engine better. It's designed for much longer maintenance life. There are fewer emissions, so it is greener. There's a slightly superior fuel economy & better motor performance. Whichever fluid you decide, be consistent over time

Find the right workshop, pick the top people to extend the life of your automobile. Ask links & neighbors or else better still visit vehicle web sites such as for critiques of workshops. Once you've selected one, get to know the employees & ask questions. People are smarter now than ever before concerning their automobiles, but many still are uneasy asking for details about work that needs to be or has been done

Sticking with your auto's dealer is the choice most of us make. We imagine that the team will be trained to work on our automobile. However over the life of a high-mileage car, normal upkeep at a dealership can get high-priced. Also such assumptions are not necessarily true. There is a lot of manpower attrition in the automobile retail trade and a workshop that is famous today does not neccessarily connote it will be great tommorrow. So keep your ear to the ground and keep checking out on the internet resources such as

A auto is likely to be your second most costly investment after a place to live. Logically you want to take care of it. Just like with your home, when something needs fixing & you get on it; similarly with one's auto too, in particular one with a lot of miles on the dashbord, you need to get on it right away too

These tiny details will add years to the existence of your vehicle

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